About the Bus Ministry

The Bus ministry is where your child will have an exciting time every Sunday Morning singing songs, playing games, meeting new friends, and reading the Bible.  The Church Bus is dedicated to bringing children to church so they can learn from the life lessons found in God’s Word.  Your  children will be able to attend our Sunday School Services which begin at 9:30 am.  During this time your children will be able to enjoy age appropriate games, music, and  lessons.  After Sunday School is the Sunday Morning Service, which begins at 10:30 am.  While the adults meet in the Main Auditorium for the main service, there is a special service that takes place especailly for children.  This is called Keiki Church. Once Keiki Church has concluded, the children will be dropped off back at home.

Where is the Church?

The church is located at 45-633 Keneke St. Kaneohe, HI 96744.  We have a beautiful 2 acre campus located almost in the middle of Kaneohe.  If you are at the intersection of Kahekili and Likelike Hwy you will be able to see our campus from the road.  The entrance to our property is located on Keneke St. 

Who's on the Bus?

We have talented and qualified bus ministry workers who are directly on the bus with your children throughout the whole ride.  These workers ensure that your children are safe and are having a great time.  

What time will be the Pick Up/Drop Off?

The time of both pick up and drop off all depends on how many children will be riding the bus that day.  Usually the pick up process begins at 8:30 am and all the children are picked up at their front door and are dropped off at the church for Sunday School by 9:30 am.  Drop off begins when the Keiki Church Service concludes which is usually around 12:00 pm and every child is dropped off at the address they were picked up at.

Here are Three Ways to Sign Up!

1. Call the church office. We will personally bring a form to your door at your convenience to ensure a safe fun ride for your child.

2. Sign up on the website. If you put in your information on the upper right hand of this page, one of our bus leaders will contact you with more information.

3. Wave us down. If you see the bus in your neighborhood, let us know that you would like your child to ride, and we always have permission forms on hand.

Weekly Services: SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 AM | SUNDAY 10:30 AM | SUNDAY 6:00 PM | WEDNESDAY 6:30 PM


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