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The Bible gives us clear instruction in Mark 16:15 that we are to go into the world and preach the Gospel.  Our church supports many missionaries all across the world and on every continent.  Here is a list of our Missionaries:


KBC Missionaries


Andy Schultz - Zambia

Michael Wexler - Kenya  

Brendon Wung - North Africa

Michelle Geiger - Uganda




Walter Hornung - Germany

Daniel Norton - Slovenia

John Glenn - Italy





David Divakar - India

Dan Gardener - Japan

Chris Parker - Japan

Sammy Popwell - Japan

Carl Sparks - Philippines

Daud Banamtuan - Indonesia

Filipus Waridi - Indonesia

Nathan Ching - China

Charlie San Juan - Taiwan

Ben Usita - Philippines

Charlie San Juan - Taiwan

John Walz - Taiwan


North America

Paul Pelletier - Canada

Dan Post - Canada

Larry Sellers - Tennessee

Ron Goodman - Mexico

Victor LaBelle - Mexico











Buddy Smith - Australia

Isamo Welles - Federation of Micronesia





South America

Peter Ard - Argentina

Ernie Brown - Ecuador

Daniel Vallette - Uruguay

John Horton - Brazil




Kevin Akana - Kahaluu, Oahu

Arza Brown - Lahaina, Maui

Roland Simeonsson - Honolulu, Oahu

*Kevin Hart - Windward Baptist Church

*Andy De La Cruz - Filipino Ministry - Ohana Baptist Church

    *Supporting through Tuition Assistance for children





Active Retired

Alan Anger

 Clyde Simpson - Alabama 

Churck Truitt - Medical

Sammy Popwell - Military









Norton Labelle Hornung Himes Gardner Divakar Ernie Brown Daud Schultz Post Wexler

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